From one crisis to another: the chip industry has a problem in Ukraine due to its neon gas reserves

The microchip industry sees a new challenge looming on the horizon. One related to the Ukrainian war. After two years very marked by the pandemic and the semiconductor crisis, a scenario that according to some large manufacturers will not clear up until well into 2022 and others extend to 2023, the sector now adds an extra danger: that the conflict created by Russia complicates supply of neon, a key gas for the manufacture of chips. According to data handled by TechCet, about half of the world’s supply comes from the country of Volod√≠mir Zelenski.

The Russian offensive on Odessa, a coastal city that is now the focus of the Kremlin’s attention, has already partially affected the sector. The Cryoin Engineering company, dedicated to the worldwide production and distribution of neon gases, among others, and with significant weight in the sector, has its headquarters there. Days ago, those responsible for the firm, which supplies companies in the US, Asia and Europe, recognized Wired

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