Few know him, and the work of Joseph Licklider has been instrumental in building the internet as it is today

Not all the people who make highly relevant contributions in the field of science or technology are known by the general public. Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider, addressed by his colleagues by the diminutive ‘Lick’, is one such person.

This American mathematician, physicist and psychologist born in Missouri (United States) in 1915 has gone down in history for his indisputable contributions in the field of computing.

Many of the texts that tell us about him describe him as a scientist with an amazing intuition. And there is no doubt that this vision faithfully describes what was possibly one of the qualities that allowed him to stand out among his peers.

In fact, Robert Taylor, the founder of the prestigious research center Xerox PARC, confessed that many of the innovations developed by his team were clearly inspired by the work of ‘Lick’.

From psychoacoustics to computer science in the midst of the Cold War

when he completed his training

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