Stalantis will only sell electric vehicles in Europe by 2030

Like every weekend, we delve into the depths of streaming catalogs in search of genre films that go beyond the latest releases. Korean action, alternative superheroes and genetic experimentation are the three keys to a handful of films that show that not everything is going to be the fanfare of the big premieres.


{“videoId”:”x88d8jk”,”autoplay”:false,”title”:”Bloodshot – Trailer”}

Vin Diesel had plans to fabricate his own bespoke Marvel Cinematic Universe, out of independent publisher Valiant’s properties. ‘Bloodshot’ and its story of a soldier resurrected thanks to nanotechnology was going to be its foundation stone, but it stumbled at the start of the pandemic. Who knows if we would have seen more of Valiant on the big screen, but we are left with this very funny cyber-action movie full of interesting special effects and that raises some divergent ideas from the typical movies.

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